Release Date

Exciting News

Add beautiful background colors with new crop features!

What’s new:

  • You can now add images (in addition to videos) and select their duration to play a slideshow.
  • New crop and background features! You can crop your video and choose a background color or gradient for beautiful videos!
  • We’ve added some social sharing icons in our crop tool to help guide you on preferred sizes.

What’s improved:

  • You can now allow access to your Photos after the initial installation.
  • You will now see an alert if you are running out of space on your device.
  • Updates to the app for new iOS 15.

What’s fixed:

  • A bug that didn’t allow you to adjust the music volume in the video editor.
  • A bug causing the camera to freeze when the alarm appears while recording.

Ready to try these new features? Head over to the App Store to download the latest version.


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