Slack and ScreenPal integration – Beta

Communicate with ScreenPal in Slack!

Just type /screenpal in any Slack message to record and communicate with your team directly in Slack!

Beta test the new ScreenPal app for Slack! Record your screen, webcam, or both with a Slack command, share in Slack with an animated GIF preview, and your videos are automatically saved in your ScreenPal hosting account for easy, secure management.

See how it works:

How to add ScreenPal to Slack

slack 1

Log in

Log in to both ScreenPal and your Slack instance..

slack 2

Add the ScreenPal app

Add the ScreenPal app to your Slack workspace. ScreenPal is still in beta, so you’ll see a message that the app isn’t yet approved. You’ll be prompted to grant permission for your workspace.

slack 3

Record & share

Head over to Slack and type /screenpal or /record to get started!

ScreenPal’s integration is new and in beta, which is why you may see a message saying “This app is not approved by Slack.”

Click “Allow” to install ScreenPal for Slack:

Install ScreenPal for Slack
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