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Enhance your videos with ScreenPal’s diverse collection of royalty-free stock videos! Unleash your creativity by incorporating stock video footage into any project. With millions of videos at your fingertips, you’ll find the perfect clips to bring your ideas to life and captivate your audience like never before. 

Included in PremierMax, & Team plans. 

Enhance your message Enhance your message
Unlock creativity Unlock creativity
 Drive engagement  Drive engagement
 Save time  Save time

Captivate your audience with stock videos

Improve engagement with stock video

Use stock videos to instantly capture your viewers’ attention, helping you emphasize your message and enhance storytelling creativity. Engage your audience like never before by enhancing your video’s visual appeal. 

Engage viewers with stock video

Browse a wide selection of stock video

At ScreenPal, you have access to a vast selection of millions stock videos, ensuring you will find the perfect footage for any video project. Our diverse stock library covers various themes, moods, and industries, offering corporate footage, educational clips, lifestyle shots, and more. Embrace limitless possibilities with ScreenPal’s expansive stock library!

Royalty-free stock video library

How to add stock video to videos

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Start by launching ScreenPal’s intuitive Video Editor, then choose your desired video to add stock footage.

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Add stock video

Click “Insert” and then “Video File.” Next, select “Choose from Stock Library” to browse our extensive collection. Once you have found the perfect clip, simply click “Send to App” to seamlessly integrate it into your project.

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Save & share

Once you have integrated ScreenPal’s stock footage into your project, save your content and share it with an audience! 

Use stock video to enhance your message

No matter your project type, ScreenPal’s versatile stock library is here to engage your audience and emphasize your message. Enjoy consistency in your videos and save time by utilizing our wide collection of stock video footage. Best of all, you can forget about royalty or license fees!


For business professionals, ScreenPal’s stock videos are perfect for crafting training videos, promotional videos, corporate presentations, and so much more! Utilizing stock video footage is a fantastic way to capture the attention of both customers and coworkers.


Engage students by incorporating video stock into various educational content, such as lesson videos, professional development, and tutorial videos. Bring learning to life with visually appealing content that enhances your message, making the educational experience more exciting and impactful.


Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience by utilizing video stock footage to elevate your podcasts, hobby videos, vlogs, and much more! With this powerful tool, your content will stand out and make a lasting impression on your viewers.

Find image and music stock content as well

Enhance your projects with more than just video stock footage – ScreenPal’s stock library also offers an expansive collection of about 10 million photos and 8 thousand soundtracks, all royalty-free and seamlessly integrated into the video editor. Unleash your creativity with a diverse selection of multimedia elements at your fingertips.
Add stock video footage in the video editor

Import original images & videos

Not only can you use ScreenPal’s extensive stock library with a paid plan, but you can also import your own video clips and images into the Project Manager. Add a personal and unique touch to your creations by blending our stock content with your original footage. Get creative and make your videos truly one-of-a-kind!

Combine videos in the video editor
Stock Video
Stock Video
Stock Video
Stock Video
Stock Video
Stock Video

Upgrade for our stock video & more

Besides incorporating stock video footage, our full-featured video editor is a must-have for creating professional-looking videos, without any technical expertise. With its wide range of powerful tools, you can elevate your videos to a whole new level. Additional features include:

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Stock video: Frequently asked questions

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