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Work faster & smarter with ScreenPal AI

Turn your screen recordings into accessible, engaging videos with AI-generated titles, summaries, transcripts, and chapters.

Make videos accessible and engaging with a click

Speed up your workflow

Easily summarize your videos with click. Automatically generate relevant titles and video descriptions to quickly set expectations for viewers.
generate ai video titles, summaries, and transcripts for any video

Accessibility made easy

Let ScreenPal AI take the work out of captioning for you. Generate highly accurate one-click transcriptions so every viewer can access your content.
transcribe video to text with ai for captions and accessibility

Engage viewers from the beginning

Add time-stamped video chapters automatically so viewers see what’s coming and can easily jump to the content they need.
generate ai video chapters

What customers are saying

ScreenPal AI
ScreenPal AI
ScreenPal AI
ScreenPal AI
ScreenPal AI
ScreenPal AI

AI-powered efficiency so you have more time for creativity

Purpose-built AI video tools to make capturing, editng, and sharing your video and image content faster and easier.

Auto title and summary

Speed up your workflow and help viewers understand your content at a glance with AI-generated video titles and descriptions.

Auto transcription

Make your videos accessible and support multiple learning modalities with AI-generated transcriptions and captions.

Auto video chapters

Help your viewers engage more efficiently and jump to key moments with automated time-stamped video chapters.

Video background removal

Remove, blur, or replace your webcam or video background with a click to record with confidence and easily update or repurpose videos.

AI image-to-text

Easily edit and repurpose screenshots for visual guides and training. Automatically recognize text and then edit, style, or remove altogether.

AI Speech-to-Text

Quickly generate editable captions in the video editor. Save them with your video as open captions, or upload to ScreenPal as closed captions.

See how ScreenPal AI works

Unlock ScreenPal AI 

Upgrade to a Solo Max or Team Business plan and access all ScreenPal AI features for your video library.

ScreenPal AI: Frequently asked questions

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