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Stories: get started with a script or storyboard!

What’s new:

An all-new video creation experience with Stories!

  • Start a Story with a script or storyboard.
  • Use your script to guide your narration and recording. Or, start with the visuals in storyboard mode. Toggle between modes easily.
  • Seamless Google Slides integration makes turning your Slides presentations into videos a breeze.
  • Import any PDF for video creation.
  • Add videos, images, or recordings for each section. Import or record narration. Add music and transitions to enhance your video.
  • Drag and drop sections to reorganize your Story! (This makes reusing and repurposing videos easy, too!)
  • Need more editing? Integrates directly into the ScreenPal video editor.

Want to learn more? Check out Stories!

What’s improved:

  • Other small improvements.
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