Prezi video integration for ScreenPal

Reinvent and personalize the standard slideshow.

How to set up ScreenPal with Prezi:

slack 1

Sign up

 Create a free ScreenPal account.

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Create a video recording of your presentation and add your narration.
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Publish a video of your presentation and share.

Create engaging presentations with ScreenPal & Prezi

Save time and easily create videos of your presentations with your webcam and audio narration. 

Switch between the webcam and Prezi or move the webcam overlay to give the best effect for your presentation. Use our video editing software to mix in other media and perfect your presentation, adding post-production effects like editing audio, webcam placement, speed up or down, and green screen filter.

create engaging presentations with prezi and screenpal

Share videos easily when you want, where you want

Upload your videos to your cloud service, including YouTube, ScreenPal, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Vimeo. Quick share to Facebook and Twitter. 
Grab a link and email or embed your presentation video into your site. Download a copy of your video and share anywhere.
easily share videos

Start creating today!

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