Vimeo integration for ScreenPal

Quickly share your Vimeo videos with our easy integration. Create engaging videos with ScreenPal, and share on Vimeo.

How to set up ScreenPal with Vimeo

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Sign up

 Get started with a Deluxe, Premier, or Max subscription.

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Create your Vimeo video using the screen recorder or video editor.
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Connect your Vimeo account and publish directly from ScreenPal.

Create content with ScreenPal that connects to Vimeo

Create your own video content with our easy-to-use screen recorder and intuitive video editor. Edit your recordings for professional-quality videos. Add music, transitions, and other post-production effects like the green screen filter.

connect screenpal and vimeo

One-click to publish — quick & easy

Connect ScreenPal to your Vimeo account. Publish directly from the ScreenPal App. Easily share via custom links or place configurable embed codes for Vimeo video.

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Start creating today!

Easy integration for your workflow

Vimeo: Frequently asked questions

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