Ship great software, faster with video in Jira

Plan, track, and build better products using video. Provide context for user stories and issues, share prototype walkthroughs, help team members reproduce bugs, and communicate more effectively with video in Jira.

Send quick video messages wherever you type in Jira

Use ScreenPal to create quick video messages for your team.
Easily add context to bug reports and issues. Walk through prototypes and show how features might take shape. Add video feedback with recordings and narration to explain your thoughts.
add video in jira

Manage your project & communicate effectively using Jira & ScreenPal

Use videos and screenshots to clearly communicate ideas and provide feedback. 
Create video demos of new features. Add visuals to improve efficiency in completing work tasks. Create recordings with annotations to report issues. Create Jira screen recordings to update the team on progress. 

Screenshots for fast reporting

Grab a screenshot! Images are automatically copied to your clipboard to paste into Jira and upload to your stories, tasks, and bugs. Quick communication to streamline development. Upload your images to content hosting to organize and reference. 
capture screenshots

Start creating today!

Want to record right from Jira?

Easy integration for your workflow.

Jira: Frequently asked questions

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