Keep projects on track with video in Basecamp

Collaborate remotely and manage projects better using video. Provide progress reports, add clear feedback on projects, communicate with your team, and socialize around the Campfire.

Communicate effectively using Basecamp & ScreenPal

Use ScreenPal to create quick video messages for your team.

Easily add context to project feedback. Walk through creative comps to explain your thinking and vision. Add video feedback with recordings and narration to clarify communication.

communicate effectively with basecamp and screenpal

Achieve more & communicate effectively with ScreenPal & Basecamp

Use videos and screenshots to share ideas and feedback in Basecamp projects and discussions. Add video to improve efficiency at work.

Annotate videos and screenshots with arrow and text overlays. Use our video editing tools and add effects like narration, computer audio, zoom, or blur sensitive information.

screenpal and basecamp integration

Screenshots for fast collaboration

Grab a screenshot! Images are automatically copied to your clipboard to paste into Basecamp.

Quick communication to streamline project management and empower team collaboration. Upload your images to content hosting to organize and reference them in the future.


Start creating today!

Want to record right from Basecamp?

Easy integration for your workflow.

Basecamp: Frequently asked questions

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