Ship code faster with video in GitHub

Build better products and collaborate with your team using video. Provide context on pull requests, help maintainers reproduce bugs, share prototype walkthroughs and add context to issues.

Send quick video messages wherever you type in GitHub

Use ScreenPal to create quick video messages for your team.
Easily add context to bug reports and issues. Walk through prototypes and show how features might take shape. Add video feedback with recordings and narration to explain your thoughts.
add video in github

Record, edit, and share videos to GitHub

Use screencasts to create training and demos for your team. Add annotations to screen recordings to report issues or bugs. Edit recordings, add text and overlays with our easy video editor
Organize and manage all of your videos with secure video hosting. Embed videos anywhere with a fully customizable, ad-free player.  

Quickly capture with screenshots

Use our screenshot tool to capture a window, full screen, or an area. Screenshots are automatically copied to your clipboard and can be pasted directly into GitHub issues for easy reporting. 
Annotate your screenshots in the image editor by adding text, arrows, and highlights to further explain GitHub bugs and features. Blur any sensitive information captured on your screen. Upload your images to content hosting to organize and share along with your videos. 
capture screenshots

Start creating today!

Want to record right from Github?

Easy integration for your workflow.

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