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Take a Scrolling Screenshot

Capture content that doesn't fit on your screen, with ScreenPal's scrolling screenshot tool.

How to capture a scrolling screenshot

1. First, open the Screenshot tool by clicking the Take a Screenshot icon from the ScreenPal tray menu or from the menu bar that is displayed at the top of our website when you are logged in. 

Menu bar with Take Screenshot highlighted


2. Once the Screenshot tool opens, press the Tab key on your keyboard to take a scrolling screenshot. You can always press Tab again to return to the regular screenshot tool.

Scrolling Screenshot 1
Scrolling Screenshot 2


3. After you select an area, a red and white checkered box is displayed around it. Just begin scrolling to capture the content within this box.

scrolling screenshot capture window


4. When you’re finished, click Done. ScreenPal imports your screenshot into the Project Manager, where it is available on the Images tab.

5. When the image is finished uploading, you can edit and share it from the Image Editor.

Image editor copy 6@2x (1)
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