Enhance student conversations with video

Get your students talking with video. Engage them in deeper conversations and provide instant communication to enhance their learning experience.

Available on Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook

Connect with students on a deeper level

Empower your students to take an active role in their education, connecting and interacting through video.

Build an authentic connection

Video provides an outlet for students to connect with teachers. Build a deeper, more meaningful connection with students outside of the classroom. Use video to communicate ideas, give feedback or provide guidance to students.

authentic communication

Improve student outcomes

Help students perform at a higher level. Video provides them with a platform to enhance their learning experience by sharing and collaborating with teachers and students. Understand how you can help improve their learning just by driving the deeper conversation.

student outcomes
Integrate with Slack and other common apps

Easy & Powerful

Supercharge communication – add videos and images to the apps you love.
Integrate with Google apps and MS Teams

Easily integrate with the tools you are already using

Trusted by school districts and universities all over the world

Fashion Institute of Technology New York uses ScreenPal
University Laval uses ScreenPal
Rush University uses ScreenPal
Karlstads University uses ScreenPal
Galen College of Nursing uses ScreenPal

Connecting in the classroom

Communicate more effectively

When you have the video and you have a platform to share it with an ‘authentic audience,’ it creates ownership with the learning …  the student becomes invested in their learning.  They want to improve everything they do.

Read Dr. Doak’s 4 C’s 

Communicate more effectively
Dr. Doak
Educational Technologist at Hawaii Preparatory Academy

Asynchronous communication

The best tool in the global marketplace for asynchronous communication… We have the capacity to run a video recorder on any platform and create a solution to capture any screen-based resource, anywhere, anytime.

Read Martin Mehl’s profile 

ScreenPal review - Martin Mehl
Professor Martin Mehl
Cal Poly University and co-author of Digital Academic Revolution

Synthesis of learning

ScreenPal … allows you to have your students really showcase what they’ve learned. Anytime that a student is able to verbalize and display what they know, you are going to have a synthesis of learning that is so much higher and more well developed than what you could in other avenues.

Read Emily Ziegler’s story 

Synthesis of learning
Emily Ziegler
St. Paul’s School For Girls, Maryland

ScreenPal also helps educators:


ScreenPal helps with blended learning

Flipped or blended learning

Easy video tools to help you focus on what matters – your students.

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ScreenPal helps with feedback

Mentorship and feedback

Easily provide personalized video feedback and mentorship to your students.

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ScreenPal helps with student assignments

Student assignments

Get creative with student projects and assignments.

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Student conversations: Frequently asked questions

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