Free video editor – no watermark

Create stunning videos with no watermark using ScreenPal’s free video editor! Easily build professional-looking videos for any project with no previous video editing experience needed.

Free & easy video editing Free & easy video editing
No watermark No watermark
Extensive video editing tools Extensive video editing tools
Create unlimited videos Create unlimited videos

Easily create engaging, watermark-free videos 

The best watermark-free video editor

Get the most out of a watermark-free video editor with ScreenPal. Find everything you need to create stunning videos, including transitions, text, overlays, music, and more. Easily customize your video and enhance your creativity – with no watermark added!

Watermark-free video editor

Create a distraction-free video experience

Tired of watermark images distracting your audience? Create watermark-free videos using ScreenPal’s free video editor to improve video engagement and keep focus on your own brand and message.

free video editing software no watermark

How to use our video editing software (no watermark)

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Open video editor

Launch the video editor an import the video you want to edit.

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Edit video

Customize the video with our free video editing tools and bring your story to life. ScreenPal never adds  a watermark to your videos.

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Save & share

Save your video to your device or upload it to ScreenPal or YouTube to share with others!

Perfect for any video creator

ScreenPal’s watermark-free video editor allows your content to shine without distractions. Ensures your audience’s focus stays on your creativity, message, and brand, rather than on a third-party logo or text.

Business professionals

Prioritize company branding with watermark-free videos. Keep videos clean and distraction-free, ensuring your audience’s attention stays entirely on your message and brand identity.


Keep lesson videos, lectures, and professional development videos distraction-free, maintaining the integrity of educational content and letting your audience focuse solely on the material.

Personal creators

Capture undivided viewer attention for social media videos, vlogs, hobby videos, and more with no distracting watermarks. Preserve the authenticity of your content to ensure the message is clear and memorable.

Provide the best video experience

Watermark-free videos are the ideal viewing experience for all types of videos, from training videos, slideshow videos, promo videos, meme videos, and more. Export watermark-free videos in standard, HD, or 4K resolution using ScreenPals free video editor to meet the needs of any video project!
create watermark-free videos

Host unlimited watermark-free videos

Conveniently host and share all your watermark-free videos in one location with ScreenPal’s free video hosting service. Easily share video links, organize your content, and control privacy settings for streamlined video management in an ad-free platform.
host videos with no watermark added

Create engaging videos with our free video editor

ScreenPal’s free video editing software with no watermark includes a wide selection of free video editing features to customize your video for an engaging viewing experience. Free features include:

Video editor no watermark
Video editor no watermark
Video editor no watermark
Video editor no watermark
Video editor no watermark
Video editor no watermark

Upgrade for our full video creation suite

Unlock even more potential with your watermark-free videos by upgrading to ScreenPal’s paid plan, designed to streamline your video creation experience even further. Additional features include:

Watermark-free video editor: Frequently asked questions

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