Royalty-free music

Enhance your videos with ScreenPal’s easy-to-use royalty-free music library. No need to worry about complicated licenses – just download the music you want for your videos. Choose from a wide selection of royalty-free music to set the tone for your video. 

Thousands of music files Thousands of music files
Integrated stock library Integrated stock library
Enhance your storytelling Enhance your storytelling
No confusing licenses No confusing licenses

Fuel creativity with royalty-free music

Improve video engagement with royalty-free music

Add music to as many videos as you want, with no licensing fees, using royalty-free music. Add music to your video to enhance your content and form a strong connection with your audience. Audio can help amplify your message, tell stories effectively, and stir emotions, creating a more engaging viewer experience overall to boosts your video’s impact and reach.

royalty-free music

Browse a wide selection of royalty-free music

Discover the convenience of using royalty-free music. Access 50 free audio tracks in our video editor. Expand your music selection with basic audio files in our stock library, available with all paid plans, or explore Premium Shutterstock content in our stock library with a Max or Team plan for over 4.4K music tracks. 

stock library of royalty-free music

How to add royalty-free music to videos

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Import your video into ScreenPal’s free video editor.

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Add royalty-free music

Click “Sound” in the list of tools, then choose “Music.” Add one of our free music files, select music from your device, or choose a file from our built-in music library.

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Save & share

Save the video to your device or upload it to ScreenPal’s free hosting to share it with your audience.

Royalty-free music for any occassion

Music can enhance any video, no matter the project, to make it more interesting and to effectively convey your message.


Music boosts the effectiveness and connection of videos with both customers and colleagues. It makes training videos and business presentations more interesting. Music also helps express emotions in promotional videos, making them more engaging.


Create memorable videos with royalty-free music. Make lesson plans more exciting for students by adding music to set the tone. Create professional development videos that capture attention. Enhance tutorials with cheerful background music for a joyful learning experience.


Stand out from the crowd by adding music to your videos. Craft a captivating introduction for your podcast or YouTube video, leaving a lasting impression. Increase viewer engagement in hobby videos with inspiring background music.

Edit multiple tracks of audio for free

Don’t restrict yourself to just one audio track. Use ScreenPal to incorporate multiple free royalty-free music tracks at once. Layer background music with sounds effects and audio narration. Customize your experience by placing each track anywhere in the video and editing them separately as you wish.

add multiple tracks of audio

Enhance videos with other types of stock content

Extend your creative possibilities beyond royalty-free music. Access an expansive stock library of sound effects, image, and videos to elevate your content. Take your videos to a new level with royalty-free content available with Premier, Max, and Team plans.

ScreenPal stock library content

Add music to videos and more for free

Go beyond just adding royalty-free music and fully customize your video! Free features include:

Royalty-free music
Royalty-free music
Royalty-free music
Royalty-free music
Royalty-free music
Royalty-free music

Upgrade for our full video creation suite

Use ScreenPal’s full-featured video editor to transform your videos and engage your audience. Additional features include:

Royalty-free music: Frequently asked questions

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